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“Our mission is to empower people to TAKE CHARGE of
their body and well-being through systematic Pilates practices.”


The Pilates Group - Richmond, BC

The Pilates Group is located in Richmond’s historic Steveston.  Since the studio opened in 2005, it has been committed to the highest teaching standards by offering smaller class sizes for personalized attention and optimal results in a friendly, positive environment. The studio offers Pilates Mat, Reformer and Chair Classes for all level of fitness, from the very beginner, elite athlete and for those who are recovering from specific injuries or surgeries. The instructors will tailor a program to fit everyone’s fitness goals and budget.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise done completely in movement that helps to stretch, strengthen, and balance the whole body.  Since our bodies are continually in motion throughout the day, Pilates enhances body awareness helping us to move more efficiently and with less pain in our daily life.

Pilates develops core strength, elongated muscles, and increased joint flexibility with a focus on proper breathing.  You will feel longer, leaner and have improved posture by practicing the Pilates Method taught by highly qualified instructors.

Pilates is performed on specific pieces of equipment such as the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac which utilize springs to provide resistance and muscle tone.  In the Pilates Mat work you support your own body weight during movement to create stronger abdominals and a more balanced body.

Benefits of Pilates

  • improves strength, flexibility and balance
  • tones and builds long, lean muscles without bulk
  • challenges deep abdominal muscles to support the core
  • engages the mind and enhances body awareness
  • reduces stress, relieves tension, boosts energy though deep stretching
  • restores postural alignment
  • promotes recovery from stain or injury
  • reduces back pain
  • enhances mobility, agility and stamina
  • improves the way your body looks and feels